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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 24, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the banned phrase of the day. >> we'll leave it there. thanks for watching. have a very, very cool weekend. see you back here on monday. see you back here on monday. welcome to "red eye." i am andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is hammering out the details of a plea a bargain. now to jedediah bila for a pre game report. jedediah, what is coming up ongp tonight's show? >> thanks, america's sweetheart. you are as adorable as ever.v our top story, some members of ths e 1972 miami dolphins will be swimming a white house ceremonyny because they don't like obama's politics. welcome to the club, boys. are they principal and admirable or meanies out to hurt our president's feelings. >> and a new poll asks which are the hottest, dumbest,t,
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craziest and we will find out more. and finally you will meet sunny, the family's new dog. i even want to hang out with the obamas on saturday night. >> see you at the end. let's welcome our tabes. well, despite what we put herde through on this show for several years she still returns our e-mails asking her to come back. i am here with imogen lloydebbe webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and he is as talented as he is tall. she on the set of "the good wife" right now. and proving that 99% in life is having a good name and great hair. next to me is buck sexton, not to be confused with the philanthropist. >> a block. the lede.
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that's the first story. >> whatever, erk jerk. they took a stand by not shaking his hand. on tuesday president obama welcomed the 1972 miami dolphins to the white house for a ceremony commemorating their undefeated season. some players skipped the trip over political dips like offensive lineman who commented, "i just don't believe in this administration at all so i don't belong. anyone on the left or right has to respect one man's opinion." and center who said "i don't want to be in the room with those people and pretend i am having a good time. i can't do that. if it angers people, so be it." the rest of the team was happy to visit the white house which they missed because of watergate. for those who young to remember watergate president nixon built a huge gate across the potomac river. >> what? >> yep. for more let's go to this dog.
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>> that is unbelievable. >> we said for more and then that added little to the story. >> speak for yourself. that was awesome. >> buck, welcome to the show. >> welcome, sir. >> he wrote a column saying the guys from the team who refused to go to the white house are idiots. agree or disagree? or agree or disagree? >> it is absolutely their right not to go to the white house. this is what makes america, america. if you show up to the white house you should be respectful, but the fact of the matter is they are within their rights. it is not like thailand where i was in a movie theater once -- a normal one by the way. everybody has to stand up and worship the king. we don't do that here. president obama annoys some people and they don't want to go to the white house, that's good for them. >> you said in the green room the players who numbered president obama are heros, why
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do you say that? >> first of all i am furious for different reasons. i played on the 1972 dolphins and i didn't get a phone call about this. this is ridiculous. i didn't get to go because of watergate. that was sad. for these guys in assisted of going to the white house -- instead of going to the white house to participate in shaking the president a ease happened just go to the watergate hotel and put a little tape on the door and recreate history jie. what position did you play? >> d tackle. >> what he said. >> i am guessing you played nickleback like you do on your i-pod. that was a good joke. >> that was a good joke. >> i am proud of that joke. >> imogen, not many people get to meet the president. should you go if you are invited out of respect for the office if not for the man? >> it is america, but this is a problem -- i love the constitution and i love when people ask me why does royalty
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exist in britain? the queen is above politics. she has a 90% approval rating and she is there as a symbol of national unity and pride, the head of $2 -- of 2 billion people. it is sad when people can't separate the office of the presidency and the president who is the president 6789 it is the nature of the beast. >> i met the president a couple of times, and it is not that exciting. >> oh, mr. big shot. >> it is just another guy. once you high five him and you say his tie looks nice. he works out too. >> i met two presidents and the queen and it was a very big deal. >> well, difference of opinion. >> i met ke$ha once. i drank the beer el presidente once. >> jim plan deers says he doesn't want to be in a room with those people and pretend he is having a good time. which is how everyone feels about you, but we suck it up.
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thoughts? >> clearly not because you insulted me in what i like to call my office. these guys are allowed to do this, and i am allowed to think they are a bunch of a-holes. furthermore, people who don't live in miami, everybody hates the 1972 dolphins. it was the easiest schedule in the league that year. they celebrate every time an undefeated team gets defeated with champagne and throwing it in everyone's face. one thing i am upset about, per mercury morris went. i loathe him out of all of them. he is the running back and openly cheers when another team is undefeated. i wanted mercury morris not to go so i could hate him more. i don't where my dan hampton jersey anymore. he was part of the chicago bears. we didn't go because of the challenger disaster. now about two years ago president obama, a bears fan, nicely decided to honor the team. but dan hampton had a problem with it and cooperate be bothered to go.
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and couldn't be bothered to go. >> his football knowledge is exceptional. >> we just don't have a lot to do in chicago. >> if you don't want to go to a party though, it is okay. you invite me to cocaine parties all the time, and i politely decline. >> that's because you know it is mostly laxatives laxatives and once i make more money that will end. >> oddly this is america and you don't have to go. this happened a year or two ago. nascar drivers were invited to the white house and a couple declined because they said they were busy. i tweeted i thought that was bad. i thought they should go, and i was accused of being in favor of being a crime of the dignity of the rule. if the president invites you to the white house, you go. >> when bush was in office there wasn't a lot of respect for the office thing. he wasn't like saying let's make jokes. he wasville fight and hated.
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he was villa fied and hated. we know there saw loft sensitivity about making jokes around this president. he is thin skinked. i think these guys are allowed to pull out on this one. if i was invited to this white house, which i would not be, i would not go down there. >> that's why you would never be invited. >> fair play. >> i would go. do you thi would ask me. >> you would go? >> it is the white house. >> that's what i'm saying. >> you steal a couple of napkins and put them on your wall. anyone is pre extending to be happy about this -- pretending to be happy about, this it is president obama. nobody wants to hang out with those jerks. >> from football to filner, they are behind the slime and going to war for a predatory. bob filner has fans believe it or not. on monday they held a rally at city hall in support of san diego's mayor arguing he is being persecuted for his political agenda rather than his perviness. it was called standing with mayor filner and due process.
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at one point the crowd sang "reshall overcome" and one letter read allowed quoted a woman who said she has known filner for three decades and he, quote, never sexually harassed me. here is more. >> he is not being tried in the court of law. he is being tried in a kangaroo court. she being tried by the media. this is not the way we do things in this country. >> this is very reminiscent of the 1950s mccarthy era. in the 1950s all a person had to do was p so int -- point to someone and say i think they are a communist. >> those were the good old days. speaking of protests -- >> what do you want? when do you want it? how do you want it?
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>> what a bunch of sheep. imogen, you said in the green room you agree with the pro filner protestors and the only thing the guy is guilty of is loving too much. please explain. >> absolutely. first of all, i couldn't work out why this man was in an office. 81% of people in san diego want to get rid of him. apparently it is all to do with leverage. the california attorney general is looking into prosecuting him. it is a whole thing of a plea deal or plea bargain if you are in office. there was a bit of a deal in office with the comp comp troller and maybe that is what he is doing. >> i think that is what he is doing. jake, there was a certain aspect of the filner rally you thought was fantastic. >> i like that they sang "reshall overcome." it reminded me when the sag after merger happened. los angeles at one point and
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singing on television the sag after people siping "reshall overcome." one of the great protest songs and the fact that commercial actor can now get health insurance. >> is this proof there are people somewhere that will defend anyone? >> absolutely. when your defense against sexual harassment charges is find one person you have not sexually harassed? look over here. he has yet to grab my behind. well she didn't get touched so it must be okay. there must be a political back story as to why anybody would support this guy. he was like going grandmas. he was grabbing the elder generation as well as his office help. maybe he thinks he can get a better deal. what is the deal if you promise not to prosecute me i will stop grabbing ladies in places they are not supposed to be grabbed? >> they say he is in mediation with the san diego city
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attorney and the always delightful gloria allred. they may work out a deal that includes his resignation. i don't know why he should get a defense. >> the tickle defense didn't work at all. he had to resign. >> pro and anti-filner protestor had --s say you should die a painful death in a horrible automobile accident. it is nice a shared hatred of you can bring people together like that. don't you? >> it is cool if they know who i am. i just don't know why that question would come up. i will take your word for it. there has to be other people this guy has not fondled. it can't just be that one woman. that's why i propose an on-line campaign where every woman in san diego who has not been fondled or compromised by this predator goes out there and tells her story. it will be called filner and filner and the first one has been taken. it is called the tickled down affect. >> so dot-com was taken?
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>> 20 years ago right after the dot-com bust. >> may want to set up an offshore server. >> are politicians worse than ever, or do we just know more about them? >> why do they want to keep their jobs in the first place? once you are caught being a creep embrace being a creep. i am hanging out with joe francis now. that's my life. why does everyone want to keep their job? i think we know more about them, and i think what we are finding out is white dudes are creeps. >> vote for women. >> it is true. >> when was the last time -- i i can't remember a female politician being caught up in a sex scandal. women only in office from now on. >> wasn't janet napolitano, something was there or something? 8 guy am i just hoping? >> why would you hope that? >> i am pretty sure margaret thatcher had to marry terry
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bradshaw. from pig to pigskin, should american youth avoid the game of brute? they are talking about the game of violence suing overhead injuries and even president obama if that's his real name saying he is unsure he would allow a hypothetical son to play. and it is having an affect on kids' leagues. a lawmaker introduced a bill to ban the game for children under age 11. and school boards in other states have tried similar measures. participation in youth football declined 6% last year which should comfort critics who said there is no conceivable argument to continue this practice -- continue to practice this inhumane spectacle. here is footage.
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>> they are just playing, oh god. jake, you were a defensive back are to the university of nebraska so i am eager to hear your thoughts. >> thank you. that was the happiest time in my life. i like malcolm glad well is against football. he says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to get good at something. you can't practice football for 10,000 hours because you will die. it will kill you. i wish they would ban football. it would be easier for me growing up. take the football resources and allocate them to like building better message boards for nerds to argue on. >> there aren't enough of those. >> bigger and better. >>- q. i is football bad for america or is it the opposite which i believe is not bad. >> which would be good. >> good for america and football it is yes good for america. nothing is going to encourage the chinese to take us over
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like by invading and having no contact sports for kids. i was forced in school to wrestle. i did boxing growing up. you should actually learn what getting your butt kicked in sports means about getting your butt kicked. itit is a very good thing for you. >> if you are in school and teachers force you to wrestle, tell somebody. imogen, you understand we are talking about real football and not that horrid sport of soccer? i am talking real football. >> actually i do think that this is a bit of an outrage. football players are four times than average americans to die from brain disease. fine. but kids need to exercise. obesity is a bigger danger to americans. a third of kids are overweight or obese. they need to exercise and keep moving. i'm afraid it is a nanny state gone too far.
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>> bill, you were suspended three times from college for repeatedly stealing the football player dirty uniforms from the locker room. >> thank you foretelling everyone i went to college. didn't work out so well on that one, did it? first of all let's solve this problem quickly. the players have changed in body type, weight, the whole spectrum in the last twenty years. their size has doubled. what hasn't changed is the dimensions of the field. you have to make it wider and longer. you're welcome, america. vice president obama, sexist, sexist, sexist. if i had a son i wouldn't force him to play. he has two daughters. i hillary fer to you, season two, episode seven of "the cosby show" titled" rudy suits up" where she joins pee wee football and guess what, she
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runs right overall of them. you know what they called her? sweet feet. sweet feet! sweet feet. >> so you say impeachment? >> right. >> girls can play football. coming up, should you consider legally changing your name? buck sexton discusses his latest book. and which state has the hottest residents? the story mainstream media doesn't president what -- doesn't want you to hear. you are watching fnc. stick around.
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which state has the weirdest accent? it is the story you can't afford not to know. the website business insider
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conducted a survey on how americans feel about other states and the results couldn't be more resulty. favorite food? most people said new york with california and louisiana also getting nods. favorite state? california followed by colorado. most arrogant and rudest, new york and new york. hottest residents, california. weirdest accents? massachusetts and then louisiana and alabama and minnesota and new york and new jersey. and finally, most beautiful scenery? colorado. i believe we have tape of a first time visitor to the rocky mountains. they are magestic. don't even know what that means.
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jake, new york was voted the most arrogant and the rudest. is that because people who are not from new york are just jealous a-holes? >> absolutely. to be honest i was shocked to find out there was other states beyond new york or california. they don't do any show business in those other states and i don't care. >> buck, texas came in first for the state people would like to see kicked out of the union. is it wise to mess with texas? i am told 245 is a bad thing to do. >> you don't mess with texas. th is a business insider poll. business insider with a lot of finance guys so watch msnbc. yes, i said. it that's why you get a skewed thing with the hatred toward texas. they nailed massachusetts. when you are on a date with a girl in massachusetts she said we will ride in your car and we will maybe have some popcorn afterwards. it is over. a southern accent adds three
12:24 am
points and a boston accent takes two away. >> some say since you are not a real american i should skip you on the story. i would gre with them, but unfortunately we have to fill an hour. >> i agree as well. i will just get in trouble because i am a guest in your country and then if i insult it it is over. i am a, noer now though and i can say new yorkers are rude and arrogant. however, i was just finishing up my new book and this particular chapter is about sex. apparently mississippi is the dumbest state. that would concur in the sex chapter because they have the most std's in america. >> mississippi is burning. >> wow. >> bill, ninety 8% of the people sur -- 98% of the people surveyed say the worst state is whatever one you happen to be in at the time. thought? >> i don't like the theme of the show. this study proved the united states of america is like one big new york apartment.
12:25 am
we don't know anything about our neighbors and everything we know is completely wrong. i brought this back to new york because we are rude and era gapt. arrogant. >> new york won best sports fans. you can make a case or not. but it also won worst sports fans. the last time i checked boston is not in new york. >> you just proved your point. >> coming up, what is it like to be owned more than anybody else on twitter. first, what is up with the obama's new dog? something impeachable i'm sure. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of.
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this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet?
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>> sunny is a portuguese water dog. clearly we must discuss this important news in the -- >> lightning round. >> buck, this, and i can't -- i don't understand why everybody doesn't get this. th is obviously an attempt to distract the american people from benghazi and the nsa and the drone debate and the complete and utter failure of our horrible economy. >> you said all that needs to be said. >> i would just offer on top of that one portuguese water dog, get yourself a yellow lab. right? come on. the other side is the name bo and sunny, these are the names people give dogs when they are not the ones naming them. okay, bo and sunny. if obamas had a sense of humor they would call them achmed and lennon or something like that. no? >> i want to get back to being serious. at a time when americans can't find one job how shameful is
12:31 am
it for the president and his family to have two dogs? it is a slap in the face of the american public. >> i am going to say something controversial. i like this dog. i want to pet this dog. >> go to commercial! >> bars and tone! >> i want to give the dog a hug. he has little white boots. sunny, i want to give it a hug and kiss it and pet the dog. i will say it. >> you are like the mayor of san diego. >> i want to get back to something buck was saying. sunny is a portuguese water dog. i guess an american water dog is not good enough for our president? >> he is probably not even studying the dogs right. he should look to the uk royals for that. the queen with her corgis. dogs can make you popular and so yes he is manipulating the american people. >> bill, even you must agree obama must be impeached over this.
12:32 am
>> i felt bad we were discussing obama and jedediah couldn't do the segment with us. she gave us a couple names. the the first is benghazi for the dogs and impeachys and finally secret muslims. >> achmed and leonard are more offensive? >> i like the dogs and i want to hug them and pet them. >> that video we showed that the white house put out was a 30-second video and cost millions of dollars. >> taxpayer money. >> americans can't tour their own white house, but they can spend $17.3 million -- $17.36 million on that video. >> $20,000 to give those dogs a perm alone. >> send pea pictures of -- send me pictures of cats and dogs on twitter. >> do they need a second airplane for the second dog? the one dog will travel on its own plane. >> we know that's not true.
12:33 am
>> why didn't you just go with it? >> i don't know. am i going to the next story or am i not? i can't because it is not in the prompter. >> make the camera nod. >> the next story, a blogger is going to quit the internet for a year because he is burnt out. david roberts who writes for the environmental news site says he spends too much time for all things on-line. quote, i think in tweets now my hands start twitching if i am away from my phone for more than 30 seconds. i can't take a pee without getting board. it represents only a tiny unrepresentative slice of the american people and has become my world. i spend more time there than in the real world. as i read this story all i thought was why couldn't this be you? >> i will not log off. i will say it. i will never log off. if this guy wants to log off, that's fine. i will not log off. >> will you log off? >> no. >> will you log off, sir?
12:34 am
>> no, i will not log off. >> you can't handle the log off. >> can't anybody just cut down on things anymore? everything has to be either all the time or i am not doing it for a year. why not just cut back? >> have i a theory about this guy. one he is a huge nerd. two, he is one to over share and perhaps think his life is more important than it is. he talks about how he was board board -- bored. if there is anything such as tmi, i am bored when i pee is tmi. >> how long does this guy pee? that is industrial freak strength. >> i'm -- imogen, would you think of trying this? >> this guy is doing it as a publicity stunt. we are talking about him now. there is the whole thing of how i have come back to the internet and talk to you about my year away from the
12:35 am
internet. >> for him to be real about this, he would have to go tom hanks in "castaway" with long hair like he was living in the woods. otherwise it would be like i haven't been on my computer for a year. you have to go above and beyond, no electronics for a year. >> bill, you don't own a computer or if you did you wouldn't have any place to plug it in in the dumpster you live in. basically this story is meaning less to you. sorry, basically this story is meaning less to you? >> now i will answer. he is saying the world of the internet is limited and he wants to see the real america outside of the internet. that would be a five-block radius and that is as much as people travel on a daily basis. no one goes anywhere and no one sees anything. you go to the internet and that's where everything is. otherwise there is a small bit of area. secondly, the only thing out there is melanoma. i should know. i am covered in it.
12:36 am
>> that's midevil times. >> it is a five-block radius for me. i am scared to leave my dumpster. >> i get if he wants to spend less time. i took a 10-daybreak from twit twitter. >> it was great! >> it was horrible for me. they got me to come back on. they would not stop e-mailing me. i get taking a break and cutting back. i think he is completely sincere about what he is doing. i just don't understand why you would take yourself off the entire internet for an entire year. >> anytime somebody does this like routine like i am quitting the internet, they #r* back in two weeks, every time. don't announce it. just fade away. fade away and come back when you feel like coming back. you don't need to make a big production. >> what do you want to make real friends? >> certainly not. >> human beings? crazy. >> thanks for bringing us down. coming up, spain threatens an anti-british alliance as a
12:37 am
diplomatic rogue over jaw gibraltar intensities. we are not doing that story. instead we have the vice president of white castle here to settle a grievance against bill and give us delicious burgers. seriously.
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last week we sent bill schulz to a sandcastle competition and sadly nobody buried in a six foot hole like we hoped. bill ran into a guy from white castle and made a shocking confession. >> now we're talking. >> now we are talking. there you go. >> how long were you walking for white castle? >> only 25 years. >> 25 years? you are a vet. i stole a salt shaker from white castle one time and every time i went back they called me salt shaker.
12:41 am
>> were you drunk? >> they called me blackout and i think i left with one shoe. >> white castle corporate heard and contacted us about settling the matter. let's welcome the white castle vice president jaime richardson. welcome. >> great to be here. >> i understand you have a few items to read and maybe give to bill. >> we do. we have often thought why let a little bit of petty larceny stand in the way of what can be a great friendship. my friend, we would like to complete your set and we have a pepper shaker for you. >> thank you so much. look at this. i will say it was less stealing and more just oh this happened to be in my hand. when i moved into east harlem i heard a choir and saw that a white castle was two blocks from where i live. one it is has to indulge when one moves in. it was like norm going into cheers and everybody says salt shaker. i thought it was because i was the only white guy. i thought it was the 21st
12:42 am
century version of cracker. oh they like me. my name is bill. they call me salt shaker. and then they said the reason they call me that is because i walked out with the salt shaker. and then i do remember i have a salt shaker on the top of my refrigerator that was there for a couple months. i tried to correct them the rest of the time i lived there, but i was salt shaker. >> what else do you have for bill? >> it is a story of lost and found. is the white castle lost and found never closes like the restaurants. we found your shoes. we didn't know you were part of the k swiss club. >> yes, it smells like dumpster number two on the corner. i am getting nostalgic. smell it. it smells like east harlem. >> and a presidential pardon. a letter from our ceo saying you are always welcome at the castle even if you are not -- you might end up in a court of law, but you are okay at the castle. >> america has real castles
12:43 am
and now i am tight with the president. beat it, blondie. >> jaime brought a hundred white castle burgers. if you take a wide shot you can see them on the table. there is more on the box. the studio smells amazing right now. let me ask you couple of questions. talk me through the making of a white castle burger. what makes it what it is? >> 100% beef, steam grill owed a bed of onions. bakery fresh bun on top and one perfect pickle. >> why only in 12 states? >> we are family owned after 92 years. we had a theft problem with salt shakers and that set us back awhile ago. but we adjusted. >> it was an accident. >> but you had the herald and kumar movies and did that boost sales? >> it was great for sales. it introduced us to a new generation of cravers and to get to the castle. >> a great time to get into other states. >> we are in every state with the frozen food. if you do those just right it is as close as you can get to
12:44 am
the drive-thru. >> white castle is i think people who have had it it is the best drunk food of all time. have you considered an advertising campaign on that? >> my friend, we are there when you need. it think of it as an oasis, a bright shining light on the highway. >> you a lot of time had -- times i was literally in the middle of the highway enjoying my fries. >> two last questions on the beastie boys album "license to kill" they reference white castle in five songs. do you take credit? >> they are craver tots extreme. >> on "the new style" mike d says i chill at white castle because it is the best, but fly at fat burger when i am way out west. if you had white castle way out west he wouldn't have to mention fat burger. >> and ice cube wouldn't have to go there at 2:00 in the morning to get the fat burger. >> are you going to l.a. soon? i see a theme here.
12:45 am
>> the l.a. in n out, but you need white castle in l.a. >> we have the crave mobile. >> what is the crave mobile? >> it is a white castle on wheels. wow, it is awesome. >> really? >> yes, we can cook up as many burgers as we can in a white castle restaurant. >> does it go around manhattan? >> it will be here soon. >> will you let us know when? >> we will. >> can we get free burgers. >> you can tonight. >> put me in my place. >> crave on, my friend. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. coming up, the post game report from jedediah bila and report from jedediah bila and we will all could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise?
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next "red eye." return appearances from gavin mcguinness and janice dean and dan bolva. time to go back to jedediah bila for the post game report. >> before i begin i had to tell you i had a full blown food gasm . you better dig in for me, delicious -- i can't even
12:50 am
think of anything else. we'll see how this goes. >> it smells great. >> i can imagine. i can smell it from here. >> i need a salt shaker. >> i will start with the miami dolphins and i have to start with you, andy. there is a quote that interests me. the former defensive lineman said i want to be careful because mom said that if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don't say anything. that's why we don't talk about bill. does he not have a point here? >> he has a point, but i don't see why you can't go to the white house and say thank you to the president and shake his hand and then go home. >> bill, you look up -- you look upset about what i just said. >> no, just hurry up. these things will not eat themselves. i wasn't listening. >> i will go to the buck nato which would be buck sexton. how are you? i want to thank you. you clarified our president is not a monarch. unfortunately he now has the nsa coming after you. i have to apologize in
12:51 am
advance. hopefully you are not hiding anything dangerous. >> there will be nothing after the irs is through. bring it nsa. they are much scare yes, sir than any nsa program. >> i think they are tied for scary the nsa and the irs. >> can't they kill you? >> you may be on to something. >> are you not a fall security guy? i feel like you should know this. >> the irs looked a lot scare yes, sir until we saw the video of them doing like the electric slide at the conference. then it was like, oh yeah, deduction. let's talk about it. i am so getting audited. >> i have to go to filner. the creepest man ever with the creepest smile ever. buck you said when you are -- your defense against sexual harassment charges are to find one person you have not sexually harassed it is a problem. bill, did you follow that? >> i was molesting a craving
12:52 am
burger right now. >> it was sexual harassment so maybe i should let you go. >> i want to point out, telling jedediah to hurry up, it doesn't do anything. the show has to be a certain length. >> i don't follow. >> which you should know because you are -- you are sort of on the show. >> it has only been six and half years. >> my name is salt shaker. >> imogen, you said the way we solve this problem is to vote for women. instinctively i wanted to go against that. i wanted to say, no, this is not about gender. but then i sat here and i thought i can't think of one woman in this problem. i am with you. i think the problem is just men. it is not politicians. it is men across the board. >> i did say that and i think i will get a lot of hate tweets tonight. i won't look at my twitter feed. women don't do this. they wouldn't sext -- no.
12:53 am
>> i mean, she just was sorting out britain. >> i agree. i told you i wanted to battle it, but i think you might be right. let's talk about some good ball. buck, you said that you should actually learn about getting your butt kicked in sports by getting your butt kicked in sports. it is really manly. i have to say i love this side of you i am seeing, this anti-obama right thing enthusiast who is manly and i am all for it. >> i don't even know what you are saying at this point. >> you get out of here. just eye contact.
12:54 am
>> we will take this off stage. >> imogen, you talked about obesity. i couldn't agree with you more. it is funny we are talking obesity eating white castle burgers. >> to cru he. >> what do you say to people who say great, but let's find a sport that is a little less dangerous and we can battle obesity in the process? >> that's fine. but i have been here for three and a half years. football is part of america. we all sit down and watch the super bowl. it is the fabric of america. let them play football. >> i agree. i agree 100%. also while we are with you on the mass and polls on the united states, you say you are currently writing the chapter in your book about sex? >> yes. >> go on. >> it is everything you need to know about everything so there had to be a chapter about sex in it and i was looking at various american states. and mississippi has scary std rates. >> that's actually surprising to me.
12:55 am
everyone check out her book. >> you might want to say mississippi is burning. >> salt shaker. >> jake -- >> he prefers jake. -- jake nat. if we put nato at the end of everyone's name buck will get upset. if buck gets upset things happen. >> when buck gets upset, a "sharknado" happens. >> you said you are shocked to learn there are other states other than new york and california. i can't imagine why they call us elitists. >> i like show business and that's it. >> give me your book. >> i like show business and that's about it. >> jedediah, i don't want to interrupt, but can i bring something up? according to the study,
12:56 am
louisiana came in for the worst accent. i think it is the worst accent not only in the country, but the world. the cajun accent is fantastic. >> the massachusetts accent is the worst though. >> awful. >> there is something about it. i agree with who ever -- somebody said that the southern accent intensities the hotness of a woman. >> that would be this guy. >> that wok the buck nado. >> southern ladies, tweet me. >> all of the hotness of kevin specey though. >> absolutely. >> i always found the genteel southern accept on a man makes them sound a bit feminine. they enjoy the sweet tea and their veranda and enjoying a passage from manatee gray. >> and finally, andy, i am running out of time. there is about 17 pages here, but, andy, your outrage over the obama dog, i just want to thank you for doing what i couldn't do. i couldn't be there. thank you. america thanks you too. >> i was here for you.
12:57 am
thanks, jedediah. thanks to bill, jake and buck. that does it for me. i am tv a andy levy. >> did i thought say imogen? thank you. i saved you
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
♪ >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> i made this argument to my republican friends privately and by the way sometimes they say to me privately i agree with but i'm worried about a primary for somebody in the tea party. >> scott: president obama at it again, blaming the tea party for the troubles in d.c. but can he still sell that tired tally to the tale to the american people the factor will investigate. >> don't get confused about my way of life. it's gangster militant. i leave a federal building bent. >> scott: who is behind this vial web site in the armed revolution in the killing of white people.